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North Carolina and workers’ compensation

On a number of previous occasions I have posted about some of the difficulties in the State of North Carolina and workers’ compensation. As part of their concerns, it appears that many companies in the state elect not to pay for workers’ compensation insurance, even […]


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Governor Makes Appointments

Governor Jerry Brown recently announced several appointments to the state of California, Commission on Health and Safety and Workers’ Compensation. They were; • Doug Bloch – from Oakland. Mr. Bloch currently serves as the political director for Teamsters Joint Council 7. He was the Port […]


FeaturedLegal StuffWorkers' Compensation Issues

Who is responsible?

Here’s an interesting case from Pennsylvania. It’s the case of a truck driver who was injured in a work-related accident. The truck driver, Kevin Williamson, was driving a truck for his employer, when he had an accident. At the time, he was delivering tomatoes from […]


FeaturedLegal StuffWorkers' Compensation Issues

One Step Forward

The Governor of Florida, Rick Scott, recently signed a bill that makes it a bit harder to defraud the workers’ compensation system in the state. As in many states, fraud adds significantly to the costs to Florida industries who are attempting to provide coverage for […]


FeaturedLegal StuffWorkers' Compensation Issues

Why do injured workers seek attorneys?

That’s a million dollar question. In fact, I read somewhere in my past life that the major reason that injured workers seek the advice of an attorney is for answers to their questions. In an effort to confirm that, I’ve spent the past few days […]


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Reasonable Decision for Employers

A recent Supreme Court decision seems to be a reasonable one, at least to me. It appears that a marine worker at Dutch Harbor in Alaska slipped on a patch of ice while working. I don’t have details of the slip and fall but it […]


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Gulf of Mexico Work Comp Settlement to Blame for High Price of Gas?

I just heard a news clip saying that five dollar per gallon gasoline prices are just around the corner. Good thing we had a mild winter in the Northeast or prices might be even higher. It appears that tension in the Middle East have the […]


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Better or Worse

I posted a blog recently about Missouri SB 572. Since then I have taken a keen interest in the goings on in the Missouri legislature. It would appear that, way back in 2005, the legislature attempted to “fix” some of the problems with workers’ compensation […]


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Game Changing Ruling Redefines Breaks

I ran across a very interesting item recently. It would appear that the State of New York has determined that a worker who is taking a short break does not constitute an interruption of employment, thereby clearing the way for a workers’ compensation claim. In […]


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Consistency Between States

A workers’ compensation Appeals Court in Louisiana recently ruled that a worker who tripped over a box of potatoes is entitled to WC benefits, in spite of the fact that a post-injury drug test showed marijuana and Xanax in her system. In the case of […]


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Telecommuting and Workers’ Compensation

A very interesting article appeared on the website The article is titled “Telecommuting: Are Employers Liable for Home Office Injuries?” As someone who is a telecommuter, this article has particular interest for me. I recently wrote a white paper that addresses the same issue, […]


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Drug Reform

There is a very interesting article on the website of the Miami Herald. The article discusses the introduction of a bill (Florida Senate Bill 668) that is designed to put a cap on the price of repackaged prescription drugs. In the article, the statement is […]


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