Workers’ Compensation Costs

Workers' Compensation Costs employee-attitude-and-workcomp-costs

Employee Attitude and Workers’ Compensation

Regular and meaningful communication with the worker is of paramount importance to maintaining a good attitude.


Workers' Compensation Costs

More tips to reduce workers’ compensation costs

Workers must appreciate that they have a place to return to and that the employer will not penalize them for an injury or illness. This time, we’re going to look at the needs of having an adequate safety program.


Workers' Compensation CostsWorkers' Compensation Issues

Tips for reducing workers’ compensation premiums

Evidence indicates that the earlier a worker is able to return, the better.


Workers' Compensation Costs united-football-leagure-fails

United Football League Failure Blamed on Workers’ Compensation

The United Football League blames workers’ compensation premiums for its’ demise. The league (UFL) suspended the 2012 season after playing only four games. It also played a shortened 2011 season.


Workers' Compensation Costs

Workers’ Compensation Premium Rate Ranking

A study of the workers’ compensation premium rate ranking has just been released. Actually, only a summary of the study was released. The full report will be published in the early part of next year. The study was performed by the Oregon State Department of Consumer […]


Workers' Compensation Costs

State Fund has voted on a rate cut

CID Review has learned that the board of State Fund has voted on a rate cut for its’ policyholders beginning on January 1, 2013. The action occurred recently during a meeting of the board of California’s State Compensation Insurance Fund. According to an article that […]


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