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Property & Casualty drunken-worker-injury-covered-by-workers-compensation

Drunken Worker Received Workers’ Compensation Benefits

A drunken worker in New Mexico receives workers’ compensation benefits for an injury that occurred while he was under the influence.


Property & Casualty osha-citations-workers-compensation-violations

OSHA Issued Citations for Willful Violations

OSHA cites a company for 25 violations, including 3 willful violations.


Property & Casualty mental-illness-job-loss

Back injury results in benefits for depression

In a very interesting twist of events, a back injury results in benefits for depression. While, on the surface, this may seem farfetched, it actually makes a fair amount of sense. Keep reading.


Property & Casualty fire-fighters-workers-compensation-PTSD

Law allows firefighters workers’ compensation for PTSD

A new law in Connecticut allows firefighters workers’ compensation for PTSD. The new bill, which was signed into law in June by Governor Dan Malloy, allows firefighters to file a workers’ compensation claim when they develop PTSD as a result of seeing a coworker die in […]


Property & Casualty

Workers’ compensation claim was denied

A workers’ compensation claim was denied in an interesting case from New Mexico. The situation is really unfortunate but the ruling was fair. The case involves a New Mexico police officer, Kevin Schultz, who died while saving a 12 year old boy from drowning. The officer […]


Property & Casualty

Sitting still at work is counterproductive

That’s right, I said sitting still at work is counterproductive. The bottom line is, there is a link between sitting and the development of health problems. The more you sit, the more vulnerable you become. I recently wrote about a new study that was published […]


Property & Casualty Hose-Injury-Coworker-Sued-CID-Review-Blog-Image

Traumatic Brain Injuries, Memory and Workers’ Compensation Benefits in Virginia

An article by Dan Casey of the Roanoke Times caught my eye. The article discusses a recent workers’ compensation ruling from the State of Virginia. Injured workers who suffer a traumatic brain injury often become permanently disabled, as in the case of a construction worker […]


FeaturedHealth Care IssuesProperty & Casualty Aging-Workers-Work-Comp-Injury-CID-Review-Blog-Image

Aging Workers

Not too long ago, I posted about a study in Australia that is just beginning. The study is intended to look at how aging affects work-related injuries. As I indicated in my previous post, my interest in this area comes from a couple of different […]


Legal StuffPharma CostsProperty & CasualtyWorkers' Compensation Issues Workers-On-A-Break-CID-Review-Blog-Image

Game Changing Ruling Redefines Breaks

I ran across a very interesting item recently. It would appear that the State of New York has determined that a worker who is taking a short break does not constitute an interruption of employment, thereby clearing the way for a workers’ compensation claim. In […]


FeaturedHealth Care IssuesHealth NewsProperty & Casualty Health-Risk-of-Tablet-Computers-Ipad-CID-Review-Blog-Image

Is My Ipad Hurting Me?

One thing is certain, change. It’s everywhere and it’s pervasive. I still remember seeing the first color television. The colors were actually red and green. And then, only if you stood and held the antennae just right. Now, a flat panel 80 inch television is […]


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