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Florida Legislature Unable To Decide Future of Work Comp

I’ve been following the debate in the State of Florida about the issue of repackaged drugs in the workers’ compensation system. Basically, some Florida doctors are dispensing drugs directly to their patients, thereby eliminating the need for the patient to visit the pharmacy. Some argue […]


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Coordinated Drug Services

Drug abuse (or misuse) is not always an intentional issue. Sometimes, someone simply makes a mistake. For example, I recently heard about CVS pharmacy providing children with a drug that is designed to fight breast cancer instead of a fluoride prescription. I’m sure that was […]


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Workers’ Compensation Rates on the Rise

Everything is getting more expensive. From the price of gasoline to the cost of milk. I just filled my car with gasoline. Ouch! Workers’ compensations is no exception to this trend and work comp rates are on the rise. Included in these rising costs are […]


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Workers’ Compensation Fraud

I recognize that most workers’ compensation claims are legitimate but I have to admit that this time, I’m amazed. According to a recent article from Ohio, the Bureau of Workers’ Compensation Special Investigations Department recently uncovered $58 million in fraud in the year 2011. And […]


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Gulf of Mexico Work Comp Settlement to Blame for High Price of Gas?

I just heard a news clip saying that five dollar per gallon gasoline prices are just around the corner. Good thing we had a mild winter in the Northeast or prices might be even higher. It appears that tension in the Middle East have the […]


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Better or Worse

I posted a blog recently about Missouri SB 572. Since then I have taken a keen interest in the goings on in the Missouri legislature. It would appear that, way back in 2005, the legislature attempted to “fix” some of the problems with workers’ compensation […]


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Game Changing Ruling Redefines Breaks

I ran across a very interesting item recently. It would appear that the State of New York has determined that a worker who is taking a short break does not constitute an interruption of employment, thereby clearing the way for a workers’ compensation claim. In […]


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Healthcare Costs and Transparency

I read an interesting article recently regarding the costs of health care.   Basically, the article states that costs would be lower if consumers, both employers and employees, knew the costs of procedures ahead of time. To put it bluntly, the more transparent the costs, the […]


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Can We Afford to Wait?

Much of the news these days includes items about the rising costs of health care. As an example, a recent study by the Commonwealth Fund stated that the total amount of health care coverage rose 50% from 2003 to 2010. The costs are now nearly […]


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Workers’ Compensation Costs

According to a recent study by the California Commission on Health and Safety and Workers’ Compensation, the combination of reforms to the states’ workers’ compensation system and some court decisions have resulted in a savings of 58% in permanent injury benefits. That’s a significant savings […]


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Workplace Safety Index

Liberty Mutual recently released its 2011 Workplace Safety Index. The Index represents a compilation of data taken from the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) and the National Academy of Social Insurance. The data is collected about work-related injuries that cause the worker to […]


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Workers’ Compensation Costs

I ran across a very interesting article today in the Diamond Bar Patch. Diamond Bar is a suburb in Los Angeles County. It happens to be where I live. At any rate, the article stated that LA County spends approximately $1 million each day on […]


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