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Health Care IssuesWorkers' Compensation Issues

Could the meningitis outbreak have been avoided?

CID Review examines the question: Could the meningitis outbreak tied to epidural steroid injections have been avoided?


Health Care Issues illicit-drugs-less-common-workers-compensation

Illicit drugs are less common in workers’ compensation patients

A surprising study reveals that illicit drugs are less common in workers’ compensation patients.


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Workers’ compensation and mental illness

We don’t usually think much about workers’ compensation for mental illness. Usually when the topic comes up, we think about the incidence of post-traumatic stress disorders (PTSD) in workers who are exposed to excessive and/or prolonged stresses in the workplace. Folks like police and fire […]


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Aging Workers

Not too long ago, I posted about a study in Australia that is just beginning. The study is intended to look at how aging affects work-related injuries. As I indicated in my previous post, my interest in this area comes from a couple of different […]


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The Days of Doctoring Are Returning

In these days of high health care costs, a plummeting level of health in this country, and disincentives for doctors spending time with patients, perhaps it’s time to return to simpler times. A recent article by Linda Weiland recently caught my attention. It’s about a […]


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Coordinated Drug Services

Drug abuse (or misuse) is not always an intentional issue. Sometimes, someone simply makes a mistake. For example, I recently heard about CVS pharmacy providing children with a drug that is designed to fight breast cancer instead of a fluoride prescription. I’m sure that was […]


FeaturedHealth Care IssuesHealth NewsPharma CostsWorkers' Compensation Issues Rising Cost of Workers' Compensation

Workers’ Compensation Rates on the Rise

Everything is getting more expensive. From the price of gasoline to the cost of milk. I just filled my car with gasoline. Ouch! Workers’ compensations is no exception to this trend and work comp rates are on the rise. Included in these rising costs are […]


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Is My Ipad Hurting Me?

One thing is certain, change. It’s everywhere and it’s pervasive. I still remember seeing the first color television. The colors were actually red and green. And then, only if you stood and held the antennae just right. Now, a flat panel 80 inch television is […]


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